Friday The 13th In NYC

The Last ‘Normal’ Day in NYC

Views from The Vessel

vlog: 200313 Friday The 13th [My First 4K Video?]

[MARCH 13, 2020]

Friday The 13th turned out to be very interesting…..

My friend and I had a plan. Go to NYC early to hang out, make an unnecessary purchase at the LINE FRIENDS store and then attend a concert in Brooklyn that evening.

Our plans slowly fell apart.

The concert was canceled due to COVID- 19 concerns and we decided to still go to NYC to hang out.

Times Square was not crowded.

[DISCLAIMER: Social distancing practices were not enforced by our local government at the time of our trip. If they were, we would have canceled our trip.]

I have never seen NYC so empty.

After impulse buying baby Tata, we decided to go to The Vessel. I wanted to test out the 4K capabilities of my phone (spoiler alert: IT IS BEAUTIFUL).

Views of Hudson Yards from The Vessel

After searching for bandages in Kmart we eventually found some at Hudson News in Penn Station. I also found hand sanitizer in the same store for $4.99.

Price gouging was just getting started.

When we stumbled upon a Duane Reade we decided to go inside to look for hand sanitizer and was met with empty shelves.

Empty Shelves at Duane Reade

And that was the day. One of the shortest and most memorable trips to NYC.

I hope everyone is staying at home and staying safe.

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