Taehyung Day in NYC


Cafe hopping in NYC for Taehyung’s Birthday

Photos at Caffe Bene by Winter Strawverry

vlog: 191229 Happy Birthday Taehyung [태형] 💜 | [ +Times Square Before NYE]

[DECEMBER 29TH, 2019]

The final cup sleeve crawl of 2019 was a success!

I started off the day by going to Times Square. I have never been to Times Square so close to New Year’s. It definitely feels different. You could feel the excitement for the new year in the air and you can also feel the excitement for BTS’s performance.

The stages were set for the performances and I got in my feelings. It was surreal to know that in less than 72 hours BTS would be in NYC and they would be performing on that stage for New Year’s Eve in front of millions of people.

I’m going to be honest here. I thought about going to Times Square for New Year’s Eve, I mean it’s only natural, but I knew that if I hated going to Times Square on a Saturday afternoon, I definitely wouldn’t survive New Year’s Eve. 

Bibble & Sip Midtown

Hosts: @goldenprincetae & @sadboivinxen & @VShock1230

Drink: Black Iced Tea

Caffe Bene

Hosts:  @winterVerry1230 x @gglui18

Drink: Strawberry Lattee w/ soy milk

Luna Coffee

Hosts: @elisabeth_bynum & @omg_its_yelly

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