SuperM: We Are The Future Live

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vlog: 191119 SUPERM [슈퍼엠] IN NYC | [Kai+Baekhyun Cafe Event & MOMA]

[ NOVEMBER 19, 2019 ]

The day I saw SuperM was the day I went to Madison Square Garden for the first time and it was the day I finally saw Kai perform and oh my goodness it was worth the wait and stress of ticketing in the middle of the Javits Center while I was at New York Comic-Con.

Hot Ginger tea even though it was a mild day in NYC

@AUIMICKY and @uniqot5 put together a Kai and Baekhyun cup sleeve event at Grace Street and I had to secure the cup sleeve of my man Kai.  I had a hot ginger tea and it was very spicy but very good. Add some honey and it would be the perfect drink to have when you are under the weather.

Fans decorated the cafe with photos of the members of SuperM and the cafe played their songs. (didn’t take photos, but i do have footage of it in my vlog!) It was a great way to get hyped for the concert that was happening that night.

After that, my friend took me to Yong Kang Street which is a Japanese restaurant that is located in the Turnstyle Underground. I haven’t been back since, but once quarantine is over I may have to order at least two shrimp tempura bowls. It was sooooo good. 


Expanded my mind at the Museum of Modern Art

I have to admit I am not much of a fan of contemporary art, but I did enjoy visiting MOMA. The exhibits were very interesting and included explanations of the work just in case you did not understand it by looking at it. (Those were my best friends).

The highlight of the trip was seeing Starry Night in person. It is very tiny, but very beautiful.

Then the time has come to see SuperM at Madison Square Garden.

Madison Square Garden is without a doubt the most beautiful arena I  have ever been in and is by far my favorite concert venue. It was super clean and had ZERO LINES. There were no lines for food, drinks or the bathroom. (As a woman I find this to be a HUGE win). And the staff was super friendly and helpful. 

I kind of snapped with the seats. Since every seat was $50 I decided to get the best seat. And oh my goodness I did well. 

Best $50 I have ever spent

The concert was short, but super fun. I saw NCT 127 at KCON NY 2018 so it was cool to see Mark and Taeyong again. But I was floored when I laid my eyes on the rest of the group for the first time. 

I won’t go into detail (just watch my vlog and listen to my screeching), but I kind of lost it when I saw the rest of the members for the first time.

I was all heart eyes for Kai all night long until he performed his solo. That’s when I turned into an emotional fangirl. Like, I didn’t cry. I literally just yelled ‘oh my God’ 20 times throughout the entire stage. My friend said that my mouth was open the entire time. I have been waiting years to see him perform and it was worht the wait.

Mark said that they will be back. I was so excited to do this all over again. But the current state of the world is not allowing such gatherings so lets hope that next year will be the year that concerts and conventions can resume.

Photo credit: SuperM photographers aka SM Entertainment

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