Jimin Day In NYC


AKA The First Time I Spent a Questionable Amount of Money on Drinks

Chococino From Caffe Bene

vlog: 191013 Happy Birthday Jimin [지민] 💜 | [Cafe Hopping For Jimin in NYC]

cinematic film: Jimin Day in NYC

[ OCTOBER 13, 2020 ]

After debating for 24 hours, I ultimately made the decision to go cup sleeve hunting for Jimin’s birthday.

I planned on going to five cafes but ultimately ended up going to four cafes and this was the first time I have dedicated an entire day hunting for cup sleeves in NYC.

I had to make a quick stop at HMart on 32nd Street to find the BTS edition iced americanos.

LOVUE had a cool event for ARMY and had little tiny Jimin’s posted around the store.

I was super excited to go to Matcha n’ More. As a big fan of matcha, I considered it a rite of passage and this was the day I would get a drink from this cafe.

That was until I arrived in Lower Manhattan only to see the line for Matcha n’ More extend down the block. I heard from others that the wait was about 90 minutes, but after waiting that long at Caffe Bene I couldn’t do it again.

Luna Coffee

Hosts: THICKJIMIN, @omg_its_yelly and @jiminchuckles

Drink: Orange Lemonade

Idea Coffee

Hosts: @honeywater_jm, @nw_lovely1991 & @nekotama_design

Drink: Hot Tea

Caffe Bene

Host: @fate_jimin

Drink: Chococino

I waited about 90 minutes in line, but it was worth it because there were a couple of army giving out freebies and the cafe was playing BTS songs. The time went by fast. This was also my first time having a chocolate cafe drink. I had to do it for Jimin.

Oh and the fried dumplings? *chef’s kiss*

Sweet Moment

Hosts: @Organic_twt

Drink: Iced Tea

Thank you to all of the people that organized each event. Your hard work made this day very memorable and fun!

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