I saw TWICE and cried Twice.

vlog: 190722 TWICE [트와이스] TWICELIGHTS In Newark | I FINALLY SAW MY GIRLS😭

[ JULY 22ND, 2019 ]

On October 20, 2015, I was on YouTube looking at K-pop music videos. I was a new fan at the time and was very confused when I saw a nine-member girl group’s debut MCountdown stage on my subscription feed. I was new to K-pop, there was no way that a group just debuted. I clicked on the video to fulfill my curiosity.

After 3 minutes I feel in love with TWICE. I spent the rest of the day researching the members and watching clips of SIXTEEN. When I got to Chaeyoung’s SIXTEEN clips I was floored when I saw her dancing to Adam Lambert’s music. (I have been a fan of his since his For Your Entertainment days.) I KNEW she was my bias and I KNEW that this group was going to be something and I KNEW that these girls came into my life for a reason and I was a ONCE.

The members are talented and have lovable personalities, but their music is what really hooked me. I loved how they had two rappers and each member brought something different to each performance and song. 

Over the years I have supported TWICE through the ups and downs. I hurt my bank account for every comeback, I have gotten up at 4 am to watch them perform on award shows and to see photos and videos from their concerts despite the 13-14 hour time difference. 

Twiceland – The Opening and Twiceland Zone 2 – Fantasy Park were tours that were held in Asia. I was excited for each one even though I could not attend.

Girl groups don’t typically tour in the US so I thought that the closest thing to a TWICE concert for me would be KCON. Then something happened in April 2019. 

from TWICE official Twitter @JYPETWICE

TWICE announced that they will be doing a world tour and that included a stop at the Prudential Center in NJ. 

I cried so hard that morning.

I never thought that this day would come. I was going to finally see TWICE live in concert. All I had to do was get through ticketing.

Ticketing was….. Interesting… Let’s just say I bought these tickets when I was supposed to be doing something else.

I’ll leave it at that.

The months and weeks leading up to the concert were exciting! I was looking forward to seeing TWICE random dances, meeting other ONCEs, and buying slogans. But mother nature had a different plan.

July 22nd, 2019 was by far the hottest day of July. It was BOILING outside. I stayed in the car blasting the AC instead of being outside. It was literally so bad. My Mang fan helped soo much. I thought I was going to melt.

Before the concert, I bought a slogan and picked up a free slogan from Mina International Fan Union @Minaintfanunion. Mina, unfortunately, was not able to attend the international tour stops because she was focusing on improving her mental health, so Mina’s International Fan Union put together a slogan for her.

OT9 for life.

I also got an awesome handmade Chaeyoung bracelet from @Twiceebabe she was super sweet and I love this bracelet!

Now it is concert time!

I think these were the best concert seats I have ever purchased. I SNAPPED. I have sat in the 200 and 100 sections at the Prudential Center so the 1st level was a HUGE upgrade. WE HAD CUP HOLDERS Y’ALL.

During the concert, I cried twice (lol). I cried during the beginning when it hit me that I was watching TWICE perform live with my own eyes instead of through a screen. I lost my voice during Yes or Yes, almost busted a lung for Chaeyoung during Want You Back, cried again during Born This Way, and then absolutely killed my voice during Fancy. 

I can’t really put everything into words, but I think my vlog will explain the vibe of the venue.

This was one of the best, if not the best concert I have ever been to and it was worth the four year wait.

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