Episode 6 of The Millionaire Detective Balance: UNLIMITED, aka the episode that kept me on the edge of my seat. 

SO much happened in this episode. We learned more about certain characters while questioning other characters’ morals and intentions (even Daisuke!)

As always, this is not a full recap or review of the episode.

check-6 Ill got, ill spent

photos from @fugoukeiji_bul

Kato takes the heat for the handling of the embassy case. Daisuke checks out the device left behind by the suspect, but for some reason his AI butler, HEUSC, refuses to listen to his commands. Cho-san also investigates articles left behind at the crime scene and pursues the case from a different angle with the help of Kato. Their investigation leads them to a woman named Imura who works at a manufacturing company. However, Daisuke’s actions interfere with their meeting with the

Daisuke working by himself

I mean, he has been doing this all along, but this seems to be more personal. He isn’t allowing anyone else to help him.

One of my favorite scenes was when Daisuke used his tech to simulate vehicular manslaughter to trick the women into arrest by the police to question her about something unrelated to the fake homicide.

Access: unlimited?

Up until now, we assumed that Daisuke had unlimited access to anything. But when HEUSC said that they did not have the authorization to open the ADM folder, that was the first time we’ve seen Daisuke get perplexed. 

Cho-san playing dirty

Cho-san played dirty to get answers. It was about to work until Kato stepped in. Haru hates it when Daisuke uses his money to solve crimes, but blackmail is an ethical line he is unwilling to cross. 


The woman from Mizuo tech is dead, but I can’t help but think that Daisuke did it, so the department doesn’t find out about his real ties between his family and that company.

Who is Sayuri Kambe?

Are they related to Daisuke? Was the name on the board the former name of the modern crimes before it was a place were demoted officers work? Is this why Daisuke came to modern crimes instead of the first division?

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