blogmas 2020

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

It was a chill day. I got some things done in the morning and looked for jobs. I found some good ones and applied, but I still need to touch up my resume and cover letter. 

I decided that I am going to buy the iPhone 12 Pro. Originally I wanted to get the 12 Pro Max. That was the only thing I was thinking about since Apple announced it back in October. I wanted a bigger screen and a better camera. I was ready to buy this beast of a cellular device until I went to target and held it in my hands.

My wrist started to hurt after five minutes. How could I last two to three years with this phone?

I decided to ultimately go for the 12 Pro because it feels better in my hand, and it has the size of the 12 but almost as powerful as the 12 Pro Max. And I also like how it can fit in my pocket.

So after I decided, I naturally spent hours watching videos from iJustine, Tech Me Out, MKBHD, and UrAvgConsumer

I will be upgrading from a Galaxy S9, which has been my baby for the past two years. We have been through a lot of concerts and conventions together. This phone helped me make some of the videos I am the proudest of, but it lacks in the photo and video department, and I’m excited to take photos on a camera with three freaking lenses!

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