BLOGMAS DAY TWO: Being Queer & Religious

blogmas 2020, Thoughts & Takeaways

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

I touched up my resume and cover letter, and I’m kind of proud of myself. But I had some thoughts while looking at jobs. I realized that there are some jobs that I am scared to apply to. Not because I’m afraid of the workload or expectations. 

It’s because I am afraid of potential discrimination.

I saw some positions open at religious institutions, and I didn’t apply to them. As a religious queer person, I do not feel safe applying to these jobs. 

I would love to work for a church. I took several religion courses in college, and I am knowledgeable in several religions, but I feel like my queerness will not vibe with some institutions. 

This leads me to reflect on my experiences as a queer person who is also religious. 

I was raised with religion, and I consider myself to be a religious person. But I have experienced many instances of discrimination and homophobia, and this is why I don’t have a “home church.” 

When I went to college, I met a church leader who is an LGBT ally. This was when I believed you could be queer and religious.

Why did I think otherwise?

Some queer people I have spoken to have said you are either religious or you are gay. You can’t be both. 

As I got older, I started to develop my thoughts and views about the world.  I have more clarity and realize this world is not black and white. And that has helped me improve my relationship with religion and with myself.

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