BLOGMAS DAY NINE: I Was a People Pleaser. TikTok Helped Me.

blogmas 2020, Mental Health

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

I was thinking about how I am a completely different person than I was earlier this year. I feel like I grew into myself and coming into my final form. Quarantine forced me to confront things that I have been avoiding my entire life, and I understood why I felt a certain way about certain things and why I acted the way I did.

I concluded that I was a people pleaser. 

I didn’t have a personality or thoughts of my own because I was too busy trying to please others to get them to like me. I liked what other people wanted, even though I knew I didn’t care for it. I did things that I hated, but I knew that it would get others to like me. I never disagreed with anyone because I wanted them to like me, definitely not how you are supposed to navigate life. 

I was exhausted. I wasn’t my true authentic self. And oddly enough, TikTok helped me figure this out.

That app allowed me to see others with the same problems I was having, which made me reflect on my life. 

Everything makes sense now. 

I can finally start being my true authentic self because TikTok helped me destroy the person I used to be and build a better version of myself.

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