BLOGMAS DAY TEN: We Have to Talk About HBO Max

blogmas 2020, Thoughts & Takeaways

Thursday, December 10, 2020

The streaming movies vs. putting them in the theaters debate is giving me a big headache.

I love that Warner Bros is going to release their entire 2021 movie slate on HBO MAX. It is such a relief for me. I do not feel one ounce of safety while going to the movie theaters. I see how people are when I go to the store. It is overcrowded, no one is social distancing, and people are either not wearing their masks or not wearing their masks properly.

I think that it is insane to believe that people will actually have their masks on the entire duration of a movie and only remove it to eat and drink. 

I applaud Warner Bros for doing this. Honestly, this is going to be the future of movies. 

Yes, I know that some people will argue that watching a movie in your house will never be the same as watching it in the theaters with the bigger screen and surround sound and trust me, I agree. Not many people have cinema-quality home theaters. But it’s the convenience that outweighs the lower quality for me.

Wouldnt expect a film major to say this, would you?

I watch films for the story. The same reason why I play certain video games over others, and I also play them on easy mode. I do it for the story. I didn’t even see some of my favorite films in theaters. I watched it on an HD TV or even on my MacBook. It never bothered me. 

I love the option of purchasing the movie (Or, in this case subscribing to HBO MAX) and watching the movie whenever I want to. I can pause it to use the restroom and get more snacks, and I can also rewind it if I missed something. 

I can also put the subtitles on!

It’s just an all-around better option for me.

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