BLOGMAS DAY ELEVEN: Video Games Helped Me Develop Problem-Solving Skills.

blogmas 2020, Mental Health, Video Games

Friday, December 11, 2020

Video games helped me develop my problem-solving skills. 

I am still a relatively new gamer, and it has helped me with my problem-solving skills. Before I started gaming, I would refuse to do anything that required me to think more than I had to. I would do the bare minimum instead of figuring out how to do something to its fullest extent.

Then I bought Marvel’s Avengers and was forced to figure out how to read the map, defeat enemies quickly and efficiently, and gather resources to survive in the world. 

These skills quickly helped me in real life as I used them while interning, and it helped me figure out how to quickly fix an edit or help a fellow intern with a problem. 

Growing up, all of the adults told us how video games were terrible for us. It would make us violent; It would rot our brains. 

I have played video games for three months now, and I have seen improvements in my life skills and mental health.

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