BLOGMAS DAY TWENTY-ONE: My Top K-Pop Albums of 2020

blogmas 2020, K-Pop, Thoughts & Takeaways

Monday, December 21, 2020

Disclaimer: I have not listened to every single K-Pop album that has released this year. This is my opinion.

10. Stray Kids, In Life

Title Track: Back Door

9. TWICE, More & More

Title Track: More & More

8. TOMMROW X TOGETHER, minisode1: Blue Hour

Title Track: Blue Hour

7. GFRIEND, 回:Walpurgis Night

Title Track: MAGO

6. TOMORROW X TOGETHER, The Dream Chapter: Eternity

Title Track: Can’t You See Me?

5. BTS, BE

Title Track: Life Goes On

4. LOONA, [12:00]

Title Track: Why Not?

3. DREAMCATCHER, Dystopia: The Tree of Language

Title Track: Scream

2. TWICE, Eyes Wide Open

Title Track: I Can’t Stop Me


Title Track: ON

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