WandaVision Episode Eight

I hope you have been streaming Agatha All Along on Spotify. Give the Queen the number one song she deserves.

I had to start this off somewhat funny because this episode gutted me emotionally and made me cry multiple times.

This episode was excellent and officially my favorite piece of MCU content.

(Sorry Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

As always, this is not a full review.

Previously On

“Wanda embarks on a troubling journey revisiting her past for insight into her present and future”– Summary from Disney+

Are Wanda’s Children Real?

From what I gathered, Agatha implicitly said that Billy and Tommy are fake. Essentially an illusion that is part of transmutation magic (oh my god, I have a lot of googling to do)

Wanda’s Love for Sitcoms

Her family would watch American sitcoms together, and this was a comfort for Wanda. She has many great memories of watching these shows with her family, and they used this as an opportunity to learn the English language and escape from their lives for a moment. Judging from how her mother reacted to her husband showing up with American DVDs, her father must sell American TV Shows for a living, and it must be illegal.

The Emotions Were Overwhelming

As someone who struggles with Mental health, I understand how traumas define your life. Throughout this episode, Wanda confronted her past traumas. At the end of each trauma, we learn more about her. We understand more about her life and personality. It was hard to watch at times.

She Always Had Powers

The Infinity stone only enhanced her abilities. She always had them because she stopped the Stark Industries bomb from exploding. All these years, we thought it was a defective bomb, and luck was on their side.

Hayward Painted Wanda as the Villain

The surveillance footage Hayward showed a couple of episodes ago was edited to make it look like Wanda stormed into SWORD, stole Visions body, resurrected him, and dragged him into the Hex. In reality, Wanda drove herself to HQ, asked to see Vision, met with Hayward, had an awful conversation with him before seeing Vision in pieces and then leaving. It was a civil meeting. She just wanted to give him a proper funeral as his next of kin. Hayward had other plans.

I Officially Hate Hayward.

During this awful conversation, we learned about Hayward’s true feelings about Vision. He thinks of Vision as a weapon, as metal, not a person, just a three billion dollar machine that should not be put into the ground. He also assumed that Wanda was going to bring him back online.

The Hex was an Accident

Wanda created the Hex out of pure raw emotions. After visiting the plot she and Vision brought together, she broke down. All of the pain and sorrow from losing her parents, her brother, and the love of her life merged together, and though Chaos magic gave birth to the Hex. This was the most emotional moment in the MCU. God, I sobbed so hard.

White Vision

Hayward was intentionally trying to get Wanda angry enough to resurrect Vision because he wants to create the White Vision, but I bet he will use him as a weapon.

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