Loki Episode One: Glorious Purpose

The TVA uses the Infinity Stones as paperweights, and it makes me sick.

“After stealing the Tesseract in “Avengers: Endgame,” Loki lands before the Time Variance Authority.”- Summary from Disney+

The Sacred Timeline

The scared timeline is the main timeline. There was a battle for supremacy, but ultimately the timekeepers blended all of them into one. Variants are people that stray away from the timeline, and a Nexus Event occurs when the timeline is messed up due to a variant doing something they weren’t supposed to do.

What The Avengers Did in Endgame was Supposed to Happen

They did everything right and restored the timeline, but Loki was not supposed to pick up the tesseract hence why he is being captured as a time offender. I was surprised that he knew the Avengers time traveled from 2023.

Agent Mobius

You will only understand why I freaked out about his name if you know anything about the Mobius strip and pre-debut LOONA lore.


Loki has a hard time accepting that he is not and never was in control of his choices. He was following the path that he was made to follow by the timekeepers. He believes that almost every living thing (except him) has to make choices that determine their destiny, and they never choose the right one.

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