Loki Episode Four: The Nexus Event

I am officially a Sylive stan.

“Frayed nerves and paranoia infiltrate the TVA as Mobius and Hunter B-15 search for Loki and Sylive. – Summary from Disney+

The TVA Cannot Be Trusted.

They took Sylive as a prisoner as a child because she created a nexus event. What kind of nexus event is caused by an innocent child? After they erased her reality and she escaped from the TVA, Sylive created nexus events everywhere she went. This is because she is technically not supposed to exist.

Hunter C-20 was Killed.

Ravonna made it seem like her mental state was so bad that she went insane and committed suicide. But she was really saying “it was real” because Sylive could access memories with her powers. My theory is that all of the TVA employees are variants, and a different version of them exists within the sacred timeline. Instead of being killed, their memories are whipped, and either false memories are implanted, or they are brainwashed into obeying the TVA.

The Nexus Event on Lamentis 

I know this is a polarizing topic, but from how I am reading this and interpreting the theory of alternate realities and timelines, Loki and Sylive are the same beings. Hence, I think that the nexus event was the two of them kind of falling for one another. They connected right before their imminent doom on Lamentis.

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