SQUID GAME Episode One: Red Light, Green Light

When I saw Squid Game fan art at NYCC, I knew that I had to start watching this show.

“Hoping to win easy money, a broke and desperate Gi-hun agrees to take part in an enigmatic game. Not long into the first round, unforeseen horrors unfold.” – Summary from Netflix

Dystopian Future?


Squid Game feels like a dystopian future. The concept of people in debt unknowingly selling themselves to a game in which they are promised money if they survive and win is terrifying, but it seems like it could happen in real life.

Seong Gi-hun


Gi-hun is doing everything that he can to be a good father to his daughter. He used the emergency debit card to withdraw money to bet on horses to afford to take his daughter out to eat god food and give her a nice present on her birthday, among other things. He also trusts a stranger to give him money because he wants to be financially stable enough to prevent his daughter from going to the U.S. If she moves there, he may never see her again because he cannot afford the costly flight. And she may not be allowed to come back and visit.

The Gun is Foreshadowing the Squid Games


The gun that he accidentally gifted his daughter is a metaphor and also foreshadows the games. He wins the weapon out of a crane machine game designed for kids. He did not know it was a gun until he opened the packaging.

Once the Squid Game begins, we see a huge (creepy) doll, and she tells them that they will be playing red light green light, a children’s game, but the losers are eliminated by being shot to death.

Seong Gi-hun’s Mother


I find it interesting that her main concern is that her granddaughter will forget all of her Korean once she moves to the U.S. Is this a common fear among the older generation? Are they assuming that once someone moves to the U.S., they will forget where they came from and assimilate into the “American” way of life?

Will There Be a Winner?


Are they going to win money, or is a rich person benefiting from the desperation and struggles of those in extreme debt? They will fight and die for money, and the person in charge of the game is relaxing in an undisclosed location, listening to music and drinking while they watch these people be killed.

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