Arcane is a work of art

Arcane is the most visually stunning animated show I have ever seen. What they were able to do in this show sets the bar very high for animation in my honest opinion. You could tell that it was made with love, care, and patience and not made as fast as humanly possible for the sake of profit. 

“What will it be? Man or woman” is the only thing that has been going through my head for the past few months


Powder is an interesting character to me. She is very weak and shy, but very smart. She creates weapons that are able to help the team fight even though she cannot physically defend herself, but everyone doubts her abilities. When Vi wanted her to stay out of important business, that crushed Powder and she found a way to help, but she ended up killing everyone in the process. She is very misunderstood. If they took the time to understand her instead of writing her off as helpless and a jinx, maybe everyone would still be alive. 


In episode five there was a scene between Jinx and Slico where Slico brought her to the place where Vander tried to drown him. He says that on that day the weak part of himself died and he became the man he is today. That is exactly how Jinx needs to be. She needs to get rid of Powder. She died the night that Slico found her when Vi left her.  This scene was kind of religious in a way. It reminded me of baptism. 

She still struggles with PTSD from that tragic night and I like how it is portrayed in the show. Some media would have just shown Jinx as the byproduct of that night and have her say a few things here and there about how she hates them and she’s changed. But Arcane went even deeper. She hears the voice of Mylo in her head she has flashbacks she is never going to be rid of the events from that night. It traumatized her.

“Weapons can’t be unmade and they are always used” – Mel’s (hot) mom Ambessa Medarda Episode 8


After Vander’s death, Slico gained control of the undercity (Zaun) and exploited all of its people. He bought in the drug shimmer and everyone either died or became addicted. They will do whatever it takes to get more. Because of this, the government in Topside (Piltover) does not care about what happens in the undercity. 

Jayce and Viktor

“We lost ourselfsleves. Lost our dreams in the pursuit of great we failed to do good” – Viktor Episode 9

In episode three Jayce was contemplating taking his life after being banned from the Academy for his research. Viktor interrupted him and helped him actualize his dream of Hextech because he believed in him and they had a common goal.

In episode nine Viktor is contemplating taking his own life from the same spot as Jayce because he lost Sky. She was a friend, a coworker, and a woman that expressed interest in him romantically and he never got a chance to tell her that those feelings were reciprocated. His obsession with Hexcore to cure himself and to help Piltover ultimately took over his life. Now that war is immediate and he may die any day, he has lost all hope. But Jayce interrupts his contemplations.

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