BLOGMAS DAY TEN: We Have to Talk About HBO Max

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Thursday, December 10, 2020

The streaming movies vs. putting them in the theaters debate is giving me a big headache.

I love that Warner Bros is going to release their entire 2021 movie slate on HBO MAX. It is such a relief for me. I do not feel one ounce of safety while going to the movie theaters. I see how people are when I go to the store. It is overcrowded, no one is social distancing, and people are either not wearing their masks or not wearing their masks properly.

I think that it is insane to believe that people will actually have their masks on the entire duration of a movie and only remove it to eat and drink. 

I applaud Warner Bros for doing this. Honestly, this is going to be the future of movies. 

Yes, I know that some people will argue that watching a movie in your house will never be the same as watching it in the theaters with the bigger screen and surround sound and trust me, I agree. Not many people have cinema-quality home theaters. But it’s the convenience that outweighs the lower quality for me.

Wouldnt expect a film major to say this, would you?

I watch films for the story. The same reason why I play certain video games over others, and I also play them on easy mode. I do it for the story. I didn’t even see some of my favorite films in theaters. I watched it on an HD TV or even on my MacBook. It never bothered me. 

I love the option of purchasing the movie (Or, in this case subscribing to HBO MAX) and watching the movie whenever I want to. I can pause it to use the restroom and get more snacks, and I can also rewind it if I missed something. 

I can also put the subtitles on!

It’s just an all-around better option for me.

BLOGMAS DAY EIGHT: I am Obsessed with Persona 5 Royal

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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

I am a responsible adult, so I naturally spent a few hours playing video games, and shocker, I want to talk about Persona 5 Royal again. 

First of all, the concept is brilliant. Everyone wears a mask on their heart to protect themselves, but once they face their demons, the mask is removed, and they become their true self.

God, that is just so good.

The whole concept that a palace is essentially an alternate state of reality. In this reality, you see how the palace owner views the world.

Kamoshida’s Palace is the first one you encounter in the game, so I will use that as an example. 

In real life, this man is a perverted psychopath that abuses the students. He views the male students as literal punching bags and the female students as sexual objects, and this is evident as you travel through his Palace, a castle in the same location as the school. He thinks that he is the King of the school and can do whatever he wants.

The concept is just so well thought out. I’m in love.

BLOGMAS DAY TWO: Being Queer & Religious

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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

I touched up my resume and cover letter, and I’m kind of proud of myself. But I had some thoughts while looking at jobs. I realized that there are some jobs that I am scared to apply to. Not because I’m afraid of the workload or expectations. 

It’s because I am afraid of potential discrimination.

I saw some positions open at religious institutions, and I didn’t apply to them. As a religious queer person, I do not feel safe applying to these jobs. 

I would love to work for a church. I took several religion courses in college, and I am knowledgeable in several religions, but I feel like my queerness will not vibe with some institutions. 

This leads me to reflect on my experiences as a queer person who is also religious. 

I was raised with religion, and I consider myself to be a religious person. But I have experienced many instances of discrimination and homophobia, and this is why I don’t have a “home church.” 

When I went to college, I met a church leader who is an LGBT ally. This was when I believed you could be queer and religious.

Why did I think otherwise?

Some queer people I have spoken to have said you are either religious or you are gay. You can’t be both. 

As I got older, I started to develop my thoughts and views about the world.  I have more clarity and realize this world is not black and white. And that has helped me improve my relationship with religion and with myself.

The Social Dilemma

Thoughts & Takeaways

I Watched The Social Dilemma and Reflected On My Relationship With Social Media

I heard about The Social Dilemma once it came out on Netflix, and I immediately added it to my watch list. I have an awful attention span, so I knew that it would be weeks, months, or even years before I would watch this movie.

I finished watching WWE 24 Drew McIntyre: The Chosen One (I recommend that you watch this even if you are not into wrestling), and I was in the mood for another documentary and picked the Social Dilemma as my next watch. I am so glad that I did.

In this post, I will discuss my relationship with social media as the film inspired these thoughts. As with all of my thoughts and takeaways posts, this is not a full recap or review.

Photo Credit @SocialDilemma_

“This documentary-drama hybrid explores the dangerous human impact of social networking, with tech experts sounding the alarm on their own creations.” – Summary from

Using Social Media While Consuming Media

I am an active participant in many fandoms, and sometimes social media determines what kind of fan you are. Social media revolves around being the first to do or get something, which is especially true in fandoms. Once something happens, you need to react to it right away or be late to the party. 

And nobody wants to be late.

There have been times where I would watch a music video, and all I can think about is the tweet I will compose to reflect my reaction to the music video. I would do this instead of being present in the moment and enjoying the art that is a music video. There have also been times where I don’t even bother to tweet about a music video because I watched it a few days to a week after it came out, and I am late. 

This leads me to my second thought.

I stopped using social media while I am watching live events. Like I stated in the beginning, I am a WWE fan. When I am online while watching RAW, SMACKDOWN, or NXT, I am not present in the moment. I would miss things here and there because I am splitting my attention. I wanted to be the first to react to something with a witty post as soon as it happens.  

Now I mute notifications while I am watching wrestling and only check them during commercial breaks. Ever since I started doing that, wrestling has been more enjoyable to me. Big surprises like the return of Roman Reigns and Ember Moon are memorable moments to me because I reacted in real life first, then took the time to make a social media post about my excitement. 

Selling Out 

I think that most of us can relate to this. 

For some time, I noticed what content would get me the most likes and follows, and for a while, that was all I posted. I have many interests, and I want to express my love for those too, even if I don’t get as many likes and follows. 

Instagram is more enjoyable for me. I know my posts of sunsets and flowers won’t get as much engagement as my anime and cosplay posts, which is okay. It’s my Instagram page, and I should run it the way I want to and not let likes and follows determine what I post.

Everyone should watch this movie. Whether you think you have a healthy relationship with social media or not you need to watch this to see the ways in which social media is manipulating you and destroying your mental health.    

My favorite quote from the film: 

” Over time, you have the false sense that everyone agrees with you because everyone in your news feed sounds just like you. And that once you’re in that state, it turns out you’re easily manipulated. The same way you would be manipulated by a magician.”

Roger McNamee
Facebook early investor and Venture Capitalist


Thoughts & Takeaways

Episode 6 of The Millionaire Detective Balance: UNLIMITED, aka the episode that kept me on the edge of my seat. 

SO much happened in this episode. We learned more about certain characters while questioning other characters’ morals and intentions (even Daisuke!)

As always, this is not a full recap or review of the episode.

check-6 Ill got, ill spent

photos from @fugoukeiji_bul

Kato takes the heat for the handling of the embassy case. Daisuke checks out the device left behind by the suspect, but for some reason his AI butler, HEUSC, refuses to listen to his commands. Cho-san also investigates articles left behind at the crime scene and pursues the case from a different angle with the help of Kato. Their investigation leads them to a woman named Imura who works at a manufacturing company. However, Daisuke’s actions interfere with their meeting with the

Daisuke working by himself

I mean, he has been doing this all along, but this seems to be more personal. He isn’t allowing anyone else to help him.

One of my favorite scenes was when Daisuke used his tech to simulate vehicular manslaughter to trick the women into arrest by the police to question her about something unrelated to the fake homicide.

Access: unlimited?

Up until now, we assumed that Daisuke had unlimited access to anything. But when HEUSC said that they did not have the authorization to open the ADM folder, that was the first time we’ve seen Daisuke get perplexed. 

Cho-san playing dirty

Cho-san played dirty to get answers. It was about to work until Kato stepped in. Haru hates it when Daisuke uses his money to solve crimes, but blackmail is an ethical line he is unwilling to cross. 


The woman from Mizuo tech is dead, but I can’t help but think that Daisuke did it, so the department doesn’t find out about his real ties between his family and that company.

Who is Sayuri Kambe?

Are they related to Daisuke? Was the name on the board the former name of the modern crimes before it was a place were demoted officers work? Is this why Daisuke came to modern crimes instead of the first division?

Watch The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED on Funimation

The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED Ep. 4

Thoughts & Takeaways

I am the clown who assumed that her thoughts and takeaways from Ep 3 of Balance: UNLIMITED were going to be the only time I would write a blog post about this anime, but here we are one week later, and I wanted to write about the latest episode. Before I get into my extremely critical one hundred percent accurate analysis, I want everyone to know that Daisuke is the bestest boy. 

Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

This is not a full recap or review of the episode, I love this anime, and I wanted to try something different on my blog.

check-4 Nothing makes a man so adventurous as an empty pocket

On his day off, a family situation leads Daisuke to break out of his own mansion. Shortly after he steps out, Kato calls him to help a young boy who is distraught over a lost dog. Daisuke realizes that he left his wallet and gadgets back at the mansion. Unable to resort to his usual tactics, they have difficulty in finding the lost dog. Daisuke doesn’t want to go home, so Kato reluctantly invites him into his


There are many parallels between Daisuke and the boys’ dog. Both of them left their homes and were left to fend for themselves outside in the real world without any protection.

Dependence on  A.I.

We all knew that Daisuke loved his tech, but we did not realize that he doesn’t really know how to live life without it. WIthout his A.I and his wallet, he is unable to solve problems in seconds, and he is also unable to get himself home because he doesn’t have enough money for the train fare. 

Normal Life

My favorite part of this episode was watching Daisuke try to live an ordinary life. While shopping with Kato, he mentions that it would be more efficient if Kato had someone to shop for him. He was fascinated by how he checks expiration dates while shopping—just ordinary people things. 

He can still do his job without his money

At the end of the episode, Daisuke ‘found’ the boy’s lost dog. Kato thought that Daisuke gave up and used his money to buy the boy a new dog. He did buy a new dog, but it was the sibling to the missing dog because his original dog died. Daisuke isn’t shallow like Kato thinks he is because he solves all of his problems with money. 

Watch The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED on Funimation

The Millionaire Detective – Balanance: UNLIMITED Ep 3

Thoughts & Takeaways

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The Millionaire Detective- Balance UNLIMITED has been living in my head rent-free since it premiered on Funimation back in April. On July 31st, 2020, the series returned from hiatus with episode three, and I decided to write a blog post about some of my takeaways from the episode.

This is not a full recap or review of the episode, I love this anime, and I wanted to try something different on my blog.

check-3 The sinews of war are infinite money

Moments after Kato returns from his business trip and steps out of the bullet train, a hostage crisis occurs on the same train. The suspect has taken hostages, and for some reason, he begins live streaming his actions on the internet. While the First Investigation Division and Special Forces arrive on the scene, Kato discovers that the suspect is the same young man that was sitting next to him in the train. The First Investigation Division decide that they have no choice but to shoot the suspect, but Kato tries to talk them out of it. However, due to an incident caused by Kato in the past, his pleas fall on deaf

Kato’s PTSD

Until this point, we knew that Kato was demoted to his current position after a police shooting was wrong while he was a part of the first division. The hostage situation in the Shinkansen has many parallels to the hostage situation that resulted in Kato’s demotion.

I’m this episode we got a better look at Kato’s life before the incident. He was a very confident and respected officer within the 1st division, but now the first division looks down on Kato. 

Even though Kato had an odd, but established relationship with the boy that took hostages, they still did not trust him to handle the situation and instead were planning on harming the boy. 

Kato wanted to talk to him because he knew that the boy was troubled and wasn’t going to kill the hostages; he just needed help. 


Daisuke and Kato seem to work together better than the first division. At first, Kato was not a fan of how Daisuke uses his money and tech to solve crime. In this episode, he gives in and uses his tech to stop the hostage situation.

The Portrayal of Fandom

I could not neglect to write about the portrayal of fandom in this episode. As a person who knows a lot about fandom herself, the depiction of fandom in this episode was fascinating to me. Fandoms are known for having many cultural impacts, and this is shown in this episode of balance unlimited. The fans banded together to stop the hostage situation.  

Watch The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED on Funimation