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Friday, December 18, 2020

As a Nintendo/ PC gamer, this is my first time venturing into the world of PlayStation, and I LOVE it.

The PS5 is incredible. It’s super fast. The interface takes a bit to understand but is overall user friendly. I have mainly been playing Persona 5 Royal and Genshin Impact, but I have been playing Assassins Creed Valhalla here and there, and it looks STUNNING on the PS5. The graphics, lighting, and shading in this game look fantastic. I have encountered a few glitches here and there, but nothing too jarring.

One critique I have is for the battery life on the dual sense controller. It doesn’t last long enough for me. I’m used to playing with the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, and that one has terrific battery life. I have played several hours of Fire Emblem Three Houses & Animal Crossing New Horizons on one charge.

Overall I am very impressed by this system. It’s making me wish I waited to get Avengers on it instead of playing it on PC. I think it looks great on PC, but the loading times are longer than the PS5, and I have encountered lighting issues.

BLOGMAS DAY ELEVEN: Video Games Helped Me Develop Problem-Solving Skills.

blogmas 2020, Mental Health, Video Games

Friday, December 11, 2020

Video games helped me develop my problem-solving skills. 

I am still a relatively new gamer, and it has helped me with my problem-solving skills. Before I started gaming, I would refuse to do anything that required me to think more than I had to. I would do the bare minimum instead of figuring out how to do something to its fullest extent.

Then I bought Marvel’s Avengers and was forced to figure out how to read the map, defeat enemies quickly and efficiently, and gather resources to survive in the world. 

These skills quickly helped me in real life as I used them while interning, and it helped me figure out how to quickly fix an edit or help a fellow intern with a problem. 

Growing up, all of the adults told us how video games were terrible for us. It would make us violent; It would rot our brains. 

I have played video games for three months now, and I have seen improvements in my life skills and mental health.

BLOGMAS DAY EIGHT: I am Obsessed with Persona 5 Royal

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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

I am a responsible adult, so I naturally spent a few hours playing video games, and shocker, I want to talk about Persona 5 Royal again. 

First of all, the concept is brilliant. Everyone wears a mask on their heart to protect themselves, but once they face their demons, the mask is removed, and they become their true self.

God, that is just so good.

The whole concept that a palace is essentially an alternate state of reality. In this reality, you see how the palace owner views the world.

Kamoshida’s Palace is the first one you encounter in the game, so I will use that as an example. 

In real life, this man is a perverted psychopath that abuses the students. He views the male students as literal punching bags and the female students as sexual objects, and this is evident as you travel through his Palace, a castle in the same location as the school. He thinks that he is the King of the school and can do whatever he wants.

The concept is just so well thought out. I’m in love.

BLOGMAS DAY SEVEN: I Started Playing Persona 5 Royal

blogmas 2020, Video Games

Monday December 7, 2020

I watched persona 5 the animation, and I loved it, so I wanted to play the game, and it is so different than the anime. 

The game is at a much slower pace, which I love. It explains everything, and you quickly grow attached to the characters. 

The animation is fast-paced, and some scenes don’t make sense unless you played the game. 

So far, I love everything about it, and I can’t wait to sink more hours into this game.