BLOGMAS DAY TWENTY-FIVE: Wonder Woman 1984- Thoughts & Takeaways

blogmas 2020, Thoughts & Takeaways

Friday, December 25, 2020

I LOVED this movie. To me, it was better than the first film.

I have a terrible attention span, so I’m not gonna lie; when I saw the 2 hours and 35-minute runtime, I was concerned that I might not be able to finish it in one sitting. But the movie kept me so engaged I didn’t realize that much time has passed.

As always, this is not a full review.

Be Careful What You Wish For

This film reminds me of Madoka Magica. It has the same theme of ‘Be careful of what you wish for.’ In Madoka Magica, these girls make wishes, but they give up their souls and become magical girls who put their lives in danger to fight witches in labyrinths.

In Wonder Woman 1984, if you make a wish with the stone, it comes true, but it takes something you love. In Diana’s case, she wished for Steve to come back to her, but she slowly lost her powers in return.

Is there something that you want so badly that you are willing to give up something you love to have it?

I Relate to Barbara

I related to Barbara because she is an outcast. No one cares to remember her; no one attempts to talk to her or acknowledges her presence.

I have been in many situations in which people forget about me or intentionally gloss over my existence. I know that I was not the nicest person in the past, so I low-key deserved it, but now I like to think I am a better person and undeserving of others’ mistreatment.

80’s Aesthetic

I think 2020 was the year retro came back. I saw it the most in K-Pop. Retro-themed music videos and songs like I Can’t Stop Me, Dynamite, and La Di Da was on repeat. Naturally, I thoroughly enjoyed this film. The color grading, set design, and costume design made me feel like I was in the ’80s.

Excited Steve Trevor is Adorable

Seeing Steve become fascinated at how much the world has changed since World War I was the cutest thing ever. Like the escalator scene was so freaking cute. Can someone please make a compilation of him getting amazed by the simplest things? I need the serotonin boost

Who’s Doing It Like Pedro Pascal?

Last week I cried my eyes out while watching the season two finale of the Mandalorian. Mando (played by Pedro Pascal) and Grogu had a father-son-like bond. When Grogu had to leave with Luke Skywalker, you could see the effect it had on Mando. Mando was tearing up at the departure of his son, which made me cry my eyes out

In Wonder Woman 1984, Pedro Pascal played a different type of character. He played a man who wanted to succeed so badly he was willing to destroy the world to do it. His cravings for success came from growing up in poverty with an abusive father and being bullied at school. He wanted to change his life but was not going about it the right way. He just wanted more and more and eventually turned into a con man—promising clients success while taking their money without following through on any of his promises.

Mando was the father of the year; Max Lord, on the other hand, is not.

Max Lord seemed to regret ever having a child. He wouldn’t remember when it was his weekend with his son and even lashed out at his assistant when he found out it was his weekend again with him in which his son overheard his frustrations. At the end of the film, we find out Max wants to be a great father to his son. A father he never had. He had to get rid of the idea that money would make him happy and magically turn him into a person his son would be proud of.

The range Pedro Pascal has is incredible. I want to watch him in other films.

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blogmas 2020

Thursday, December 24, 2020

I don’t want to make blogmas posts into the new year, so tomorrow will be my last blogmas post. This has been an exciting experience as I am not one to challenge myself. I have learned so much thought out this experience, and I am sad and relatives that it is over. Posting every day is not easy, especially when this is not your full-time job. Remembering to schedule everything and manage my time has been a challenge.

I wish I were more consistent with updates on Twitter and Instagram.

Overall I would do this again, and I want to make at least one blog post every week in 2021.

BLOGMAS DAY TWENTY-THREE: I Attended a Convention. In My Dreams.

blogmas 2020, Conventions

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Queuing and everything. This is some unconscious mind Freudian stuff. I miss going to conventions so much I have a vivid dream of me going to a con.

The last convention I went to was the Black Comic Book Convention back in January.

I had no idea that it would be the only convention I would attend this year.

I have purchased tickets to two conventions next year, but I am doubtful that they will happen.

I miss the feeling of being around people that enjoy the same things as I do. I miss bonding with random strangers because we have the same interests, taking photos of cosplayers, paying for overpriced food and drinks, and spending massive amounts of money in artists alley.

Let’s hope conventions come back next year.

BLOGMAS DAY TWENTY-TWO: My Top 25 K-Pop Songs of 2020

blogmas 2020, K-Pop, Thoughts & Takeaways

Tuesday, December 23, 2020

Disclaimer: I have not listened to every single K-Pop song that has released this year. This is my opinion.

Because I refuse to rank these songs, I am listing them in alphabetical order.

Cignature, “ASSA” (Listen and Speak)

BTS, “Black Swan” (MAP OF THE SOUL: 7)

TOMORROW X TOGETHER, “Blue Hour” (minisode1: Blue Hour)

TOMORROW X TOGETHER, “Can’t You See Me?” (The Dream Chapter: Eternity)

Weki Meki, “COOL”, (NEW RULES)

HYO, “DESSERT” (Feat. Loopy, SOYEON ((G)I-DLE))

Apink, “Dumhdurum” (Look)

Fromis_9, “Feel Good (SECRET CODE)” (My Little Society)

Nature, “Girls” (Nature World: Code M)

KARD, “GUNSHOT” (Way with Words)

Cherry Bullet, “Hands Up”

BLACKPINK, “How You Like That” (The Album)

BLACKPINK, “Ice Cream (With Selena Gomez)” (The Album)

TWICE, “I Can’t Stop Me” (Eyes Wide Open)

EVERGLOW, “LA DI DA” (-77.82X-78.29)


BTS, “Life Goes On” (BE)

BLACKPINK, “Lovesick Girls” (The Album)

GFRIEND, “MAGO” ( 回:Walpurgis Night)

ITZY, “Not Shy” (Not Shy)

SUNMI, “pporappippam”

DREAMCATCHER, “Scream” (Dystopia: The Tree of Language)

CHUNG HA “Stay Tonight” (Querencia)


SOMI, “What You Waiting For”

LOONA, “Why Not?” [12:00]

BLOGMAS DAY TWENTY-ONE: My Top K-Pop Albums of 2020

blogmas 2020, K-Pop, Thoughts & Takeaways

Monday, December 21, 2020

Disclaimer: I have not listened to every single K-Pop album that has released this year. This is my opinion.

10. Stray Kids, In Life

Title Track: Back Door

9. TWICE, More & More

Title Track: More & More

8. TOMMROW X TOGETHER, minisode1: Blue Hour

Title Track: Blue Hour

7. GFRIEND, 回:Walpurgis Night

Title Track: MAGO

6. TOMORROW X TOGETHER, The Dream Chapter: Eternity

Title Track: Can’t You See Me?

5. BTS, BE

Title Track: Life Goes On

4. LOONA, [12:00]

Title Track: Why Not?

3. DREAMCATCHER, Dystopia: The Tree of Language

Title Track: Scream

2. TWICE, Eyes Wide Open

Title Track: I Can’t Stop Me


Title Track: ON


blogmas 2020, Concerts, Conventions

Sunday December 20,2020

One year ago I made a list of things I wanted to do in 2020 and I don’t know if I should laugh or cry while reading this list. None of it happened.

I deleted the file out of frustration but i remember most of the things on the list.

  1. ATEEZ @ the Prudentail Center (April 2020)
  2. College graduation (May 2020)
  3. BTS @ Metlife (May 2020)
  4. Go to Korea and attend Muster (June 2020)
  5. KCON NY 2020 (June 2020)
  6. NCT @ Madison Square Garden (June 2020)
  7. BookCon 2020 (June 2020)
  8. BlerdCon 2020 (July 2020)
  9. FlameCon 2020 (August 2020)
  10. New York Comic Con 2020 (Ocotober 2020)
  11. Anime NYC 2020 (November 2020)

Lets hope next year is a better year. 

BLOGMAS DAY NINETEEN: I Have Been An iPhone User For Two Weeks.

blogmas 2020, Tech

Saturday December 19, 2020

Two words. Apple. Ecosystem.

The Apple Ecosystem is INCREDIBLE. The compatibility I have between iPhone and iPad is unmatched. I can start something on my phone and pick it up on my tablet, which makes me so much more productive.

I love how if my phone rings, I can answer it on my iPad. I think that is my favorite ecosystem feature at the moment.

All I need is sidecar, and then I will be happy. I plan on getting one of the new M1 MacBook Pro’s in the future whenever I start to travel. My MacBook Pro 15 inch 2015 version is not allowed on some international flights because of the battery recall. I got it repaired, but she runs hot while I use Final Cut, and I think it may be time for a new MacBook.


blogmas 2020, Video Games

Friday, December 18, 2020

As a Nintendo/ PC gamer, this is my first time venturing into the world of PlayStation, and I LOVE it.

The PS5 is incredible. It’s super fast. The interface takes a bit to understand but is overall user friendly. I have mainly been playing Persona 5 Royal and Genshin Impact, but I have been playing Assassins Creed Valhalla here and there, and it looks STUNNING on the PS5. The graphics, lighting, and shading in this game look fantastic. I have encountered a few glitches here and there, but nothing too jarring.

One critique I have is for the battery life on the dual sense controller. It doesn’t last long enough for me. I’m used to playing with the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, and that one has terrific battery life. I have played several hours of Fire Emblem Three Houses & Animal Crossing New Horizons on one charge.

Overall I am very impressed by this system. It’s making me wish I waited to get Avengers on it instead of playing it on PC. I think it looks great on PC, but the loading times are longer than the PS5, and I have encountered lighting issues.

BLOGMAS DAY SEVENTEEN: What Happened To The True Meaning Of Christmas?

blogmas 2020, Thoughts & Takeaways

Thursday, December 17, 2020

The stress of impressing people you barely talk to with a gift that costs way too much is ridiculous. Every year the true meaning of Christmas is being destroyed by consumerism.

We spend astronomical amounts of money at the end of the year to get gifts for each other.

I’m all for appreciating one another because that’s what we should do. It’s a kind act. But It just makes me think about the commercialization of the holiday. There is a beautiful story to Christmas that gets overshadowed by money.

BLOGMAS DAY SIXTEEN: Why Do We Break Ourselves To Buy Things We Can’t Afford?

blogmas 2020, Thoughts & Takeaways

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

I’m not talking about cars or houses; I’m talking about things that have cheaper alternatives like the newest piece of tech or designer clothing.

We live in a society where our values and self-worth are based on what we have. We purchase things that we know we shouldn’t spend the money on when there is a cheaper alternative. We do it to flex on others and to make ourselves feel better about ourselves. We are implying that we are wealthy when we are not, and this is insinuating the phenomenon in which we cannot be happy unless we have money.

We break ourselves to get things that we want to impress people we don’t care about.