Jimin Day In NYC


AKA The First Time I Spent a Questionable Amount of Money on Drinks

Chococino From Caffe Bene

vlog: 191013 Happy Birthday Jimin [지민] 💜 | [Cafe Hopping For Jimin in NYC]

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[ OCTOBER 13, 2020 ]

After debating for 24 hours, I ultimately made the decision to go cup sleeve hunting for Jimin’s birthday.

I planned on going to five cafes but ultimately ended up going to four cafes and this was the first time I have dedicated an entire day hunting for cup sleeves in NYC.

I had to make a quick stop at HMart on 32nd Street to find the BTS edition iced americanos.

LOVUE had a cool event for ARMY and had little tiny Jimin’s posted around the store.

I was super excited to go to Matcha n’ More. As a big fan of matcha, I considered it a rite of passage and this was the day I would get a drink from this cafe.

That was until I arrived in Lower Manhattan only to see the line for Matcha n’ More extend down the block. I heard from others that the wait was about 90 minutes, but after waiting that long at Caffe Bene I couldn’t do it again.

Luna Coffee

Hosts: THICKJIMIN, @omg_its_yelly and @jiminchuckles

Drink: Orange Lemonade

Idea Coffee

Hosts: @honeywater_jm, @nw_lovely1991 & @nekotama_design

Drink: Hot Tea

Caffe Bene

Host: @fate_jimin

Drink: Chococino

I waited about 90 minutes in line, but it was worth it because there were a couple of army giving out freebies and the cafe was playing BTS songs. The time went by fast. This was also my first time having a chocolate cafe drink. I had to do it for Jimin.

Oh and the fried dumplings? *chef’s kiss*

Sweet Moment

Hosts: @Organic_twt

Drink: Iced Tea

Thank you to all of the people that organized each event. Your hard work made this day very memorable and fun!

Taehyung Day in NYC


Cafe hopping in NYC for Taehyung’s Birthday

Photos at Caffe Bene by Winter Strawverry

vlog: 191229 Happy Birthday Taehyung [태형] 💜 | [ +Times Square Before NYE]

[DECEMBER 29TH, 2019]

The final cup sleeve crawl of 2019 was a success!

I started off the day by going to Times Square. I have never been to Times Square so close to New Year’s. It definitely feels different. You could feel the excitement for the new year in the air and you can also feel the excitement for BTS’s performance.

The stages were set for the performances and I got in my feelings. It was surreal to know that in less than 72 hours BTS would be in NYC and they would be performing on that stage for New Year’s Eve in front of millions of people.

I’m going to be honest here. I thought about going to Times Square for New Year’s Eve, I mean it’s only natural, but I knew that if I hated going to Times Square on a Saturday afternoon, I definitely wouldn’t survive New Year’s Eve. 

Bibble & Sip Midtown

Hosts: @goldenprincetae & @sadboivinxen & @VShock1230

Drink: Black Iced Tea

Caffe Bene

Hosts:  @winterVerry1230 x @gglui18

Drink: Strawberry Lattee w/ soy milk

Luna Coffee

Hosts: @elisabeth_bynum & @omg_its_yelly