WandaVision Episode Seven

“Everything is meaningless” – Wanda Maximoff WandaVision ep 7 (2021)

As always, this is not a full review.

Breaking the Fourth Wall

“Monica plots her return, Wanda navigates unsettling complications, and Vision forms a new alliance”– Summary from Disney+

Nexus Commercial

This commercial accurately describes what Wanda needs now. She is depressed and avoiding confronting her truth, and now she realizes everything is falling apart. During the moments where she breaks the fourth wall and talks to the camera, she talks about the Hex and her relationship troubles with Vision.

But why is it called Nexus?

I immediately thought of the WWE faction.

Carol Helped Monica Re-Enter the Hex

After Wanda expanded the Hex, it seemed to have developed a thicker barrier. Getting inside was a harder task. Even though she has winced at the mentions of Carol thus far, her voice gave her the strength to persevere and re-enter the Hex to help Wanda. She knows that Wanda is hurting, and she wants to help her. Even if that means rewriting her DNA again and gave her superpowers…..

Oh, and I think she can totally hold her own against Wanda with these cool powers.

I Don’t Read Theories, so the Agatha Reveal was a HUGE Shock.

Agatha isn’t a prisoner of the Hex; she was controlling everything. Everything comes back to her. She played along so well she fooled Wanda into thinking that she had her under control too. A QUEEN. WE STAN.

The End Credits Scene

Is Pietro working with Agatha? Does he know that he is not the Pietro Wanda grew up with? Was he gathering intel for Agatha?

And the clown music during the credits is so on point. We are Clowns. At least I am because I didn’t see this coming. I trusted Agatha, not gonna lie.

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